Google Spreadsheet – Keeping you logged into Google properties longer

The Google spreadsheet tour. I bet this will fully integrate into Google base and probably Google Wallet whenever it appears. Google Blogoscoped and Inside Google discuss more of the details. Limited sign-up too which is good as a few of the previous sign-ups turned into disasters. Spreadsheets being edited by multiple people at the same time seems like an advantage over Excel. You can invite people to edit and use Google Talk to chat with them as you both/all work on it. Nice collaboration tool.

2 Responses to “Google Spreadsheet – Keeping you logged into Google properties longer”

  1. Segu says:

    Meanwhile, you can try out , an online spreadsheet application. In addition to all the basic features it has recently added support for Charting and Multiple Sheets

  2. Rowan says:

    “Nice collaboration tool”

    Yeah, in a way… It’s also a bit unnerving to catch changes happening out of the corner of your eye (and wonder which ones you didn’t catch!). They should fake cursors for your collaborators. It would work better with a parallel Skype (excuse me…Google Talk!) session probably.