Fire in Cork at the moment

Sept 19th Update. For today’s fire go here.

Somewhere on the Northside.

Fire Cork City June 2006

Update: Donncha provides more details and photos.
Scrap yard in Dublin Hill apparently. Donncha’s photos should be published in the Echo. Very artistic for a scrap metal fire. 🙂

The smell of rubber and other ghastly burning smells is invading Ballintemple at the moment. Seems like a big bloody fire alright.

RTE Web coverage.

5 Responses to “Fire in Cork at the moment”

  1. d says:

    Dublin Hill.

  2. Mark says:

    We were sitting outside when there was a loud explosion and it started raining soot down on us. Police, ambulance, fire brigade, helicopters to whole whack attack then roared past soon after.

    I still have no idea what went up in flames.

  3. In Photos says:

    Smoke Over Cork City

    Smoke Over Cork City

    Smoke Over Cork City

    A long trail of smoke was visible over Cork City and surrounding countryside this evening as a fire raged in the scrap metal yard in Dublin Hill.
    Jacinta and I had been down in Monkstown at her sister&#…

  4. EWI says:

    Maybe that Cork yachting club has moved on from commemorating Drake, to honouring the memory of other parts of the “British connection”.