Seconded – Bernie Goldbach for a Net Visionary

Brian Greene highlights the evangelising work of Bernie Goldbach which has pushed blogging and podcasting further into the collective consciousness of the Irish digerati and who will in turn push these “movements” into the mainstream.

As Brian testifies to Bernie’s visonary skills:

Bernie sent me another hat tip in 2001, rss was going to add enclosure tags, it was only talk and demo but it was coming, and BFG told BHG to get his darn radio shows on to rss enclosures – aka podcasts today

There are blog aggregators, podcast directories, blog awards and podcasting awards in Ireland in 2006. I’m sure both blogging and podcasting wouldn’t be as popular in 2006 if it wasn’t for the previous years of evangelising by Bernie. He’ll have my vote when the nominations for Net Visionary come out this year. And he’s not even a Corkman!

2 Responses to “Seconded – Bernie Goldbach for a Net Visionary”

  1. And I’ll third it! As I wrote a few days ago Bernie’s was the first Irish blog that I subscribed to in an aggregator and is still on my high priority list of must reads when I’m caught for time. Its Bernie’s amazing breadth of knowledge and his incredibly analytical mind which I find inspiring. Let’s hope the Examiner, Business Post and other writing resposibilities never erode his blogging time.