Pre-Sun fluffy links – June 03 2006

Heading into the Sun soon but first.

Nelly Furtado cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. She has a fantastic voice and doesn’t get as much attention as she should.

Ciarán Cuffe’s blog. The party policy bullshit quota is fairly low. Almost non-existant. I really like his latest post. You won’t find that on a media release. Compare it to other blogs by TDs that are out there which seem to be committee approved, peronality out / blandness in, brochures. Seriously, if you’re going to rewrite press releases you’re in it for the Google ranking, not to interact with people. It’s disappointing to see some politicians who obviously are passionate about politics and community issues and yet the person talking from their websites or blogs or dinosaur newsletters seem like some heavily medicated patient in a psych ward. It’s kind of sad. Guys, you can get into the Dáil bear pit and slug it out with the Government Ministers, why not do the same with the broader community? Challenge beliefs, make people rethink.

Someone mashed up that video of Bjork going fucking ape with a reporter. Remember that famous vid? Well now it’s mashed up into a Streetfighter game.

Eternal Sunsets. Watch sunsets from all over the world.

Just Giving – a website that allows you to collect money for a charity event that you do.

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