End of week fluff – June 2nd 2006

How to spot a liar.

Liars avoid making eye contact and will look to the left when asked a question

I’d disagree with that one as when someone asks me something and I think about the answer it’s like I read from a book or webpage and see the information structured like that, so I’m staring in mid air and moving my eyes from left to right.

Some interesting bits of art:

The Zipper Orchestra.

The screen is filled with 9 video clips from different people zipping and unzipping their clothes. By moving 9 physical sub zippers and 1 main zipper attached in a canvas, users can control the individual zipper motion in the screen as a conductor

Project giant speech bubbles on walls and allow people to text messages into the bubbles.
Well cool.

2 Responses to “End of week fluff – June 2nd 2006”

  1. adam says:

    Apparently the logic behind the eye thing is that when we’re lying we access the creative side of our brain (the left) rather than the factual/storage side (the right) when we lie, so we look up and to the left. Blinking is another signifier. The mot says it’s pop psychology, not a given.

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