Anyone want to talk with Britt Blaser on Wedn 7th in Cork?

Who’s Britt? This is his Bio. Amongst other things Britt was senior advisor for Internet strategy for the Howard Dean Campaign. He also wrote a chapter for the Extreme Democracy book called “The Revolution will be Engineered”. I asked Britt would he be willing to meet with people and give his views and experiences of using technology as an aid in politics/elections. He’d be happy to. He met with some folks in Dublin today and will be down in Cork on the 7th and 8th of June. He’d love to meet interested people on the 7th. Who’d like to meet him? Time is roughly the afternoon of the 7th. Location unknown yet. All depends on numbers etc. It can always happen in a quiet pub 🙂 I may not even be able to make it myself but I’m sure someone can be there to host this.

One Response to “Anyone want to talk with Britt Blaser on Wedn 7th in Cork?”

  1. I offer Reidy’s or the Thirsty Scholar on Washington Street, since they’re round the corner from the dinner venue, and if you’re not available, count me in.