She should have hired Piaras

Yeah yeah, before I get to the main meal, some appetisers.

Viva Voce play Cork on June 20th. Might trot along.

10,000 sheeps, the Mechanical Turk in action.

Funny story from the Google canteen.

Think of the Prodigy song “Their Law”. My first ever time linking to Bebo.

Remember that Simpsons episode where Homer and Marge join a country club or something and Marge can only afford to buy one blue suit and wears it daily and chops and changes it for each event? Joan must have hired the photographer for a few hours only. It’s the same suit she has on in every photo. She should have hired Piaras. He knows about this kind of photocall stuff.

4 Responses to “She should have hired Piaras”

  1. simon says:

    excellent 🙂

  2. Piaras Kelly says:

    I’m in no position to slag poor old Joan. Even I can be accussed of being economical with photographs. I yoinked one of my mugshots from my work website and slapped it up on my blog.

  3. Damien says:

    She could give Aine a run for her money.

  4. bernard says:

    Now, without even reading these comments, the first thing I thought was Ã?ine!

    Maybe Joan had a helicopter and was able to fly all over the place to get all the shots in. You know those photographers are expensive!