Spam spam spam spam

The amount of spam over the past three days hitting the comments is really starting to annoy me. I think I need a better anti-spam plugins.

EDIT: I think in total yesterday I got about 1000 spams on my blog. The spam software picked up most but I still had to manutally kill off a few 100.

9 Responses to “Spam spam spam spam”

  1. Dick OBrien says:

    No, what you really need is surgical enhancement!

  2. You can’t beat Six Apart’s anti-spam catchers. While away in the States last week, I got 9247 visitors but less than six spammers attached their comments to my Typepad blog. I have a greater spam burden with my mail than with my blog.

  3. copernicus says:

    I agree with Dick. The spammers know, man. Those emails are specifically tailored. I should know.

  4. Tom Raftery says:

    Are you using Akismet – the plugin which ships with WordPress 2.0. A combo of that, my .htaccess, and my blacklist means I rarely get spam.

  5. But Bernie, the TypePad trackback spam has never been worse. I’ve had a deluge of it over the last few days and there’s no signs of it abating.

  6. Cloud says:

    I’ve also found Spam Karma 2 to be very good. And it don’t require an API key like Akismet.

  7. Robin says:

    Yup I’m using Spam Karma and it is stopping ALL comment spam (about 15+ a day).

    Although recently it’s putting things in moderation and not mailing me about them (other than in the digest at the end of the day). Anyone know how to stop this?


  8. Robin says:

    actually scratch that I checked my stats…. Spam Karma has got 100% detection of 42 comment spam in the last 1hr 23mins!!!

    Must write a blog post on this myself.

  9. Akismet… yer only man! Over 60k spams on “Holy Shmoly!” stopped. Over 4,000 in the last 24 hours.
    It’s running on new hardware now and didn’t even break a sweat during a *huge* spike yesterday.