Small Business Forum Report released – More angel investors on way?

Executive summary. (PDF doc). Funny thing is I couldn’t find their website with a Google search. That url in fact redirects to a section on

Some of the recommendations include raising the standard of management capability through the establishment of a Management Development Council, providing knowledge acquisitions grants, making innovation vouchers available to small business and developing a national entrepreneurship policy. They also gripe about broadband!

In an older post I was asking about angel investment in Ireland. Today’s report seems to address this although I have not read all the small print:

Further develop networks of Business Angels in order to encourage investment by private individuals in seed and earlystage businesses. (pg5 of Exec Summary.)

Full report here.

2 Responses to “Small Business Forum Report released – More angel investors on way?”

  1. 100percent says:

    Just checked your Stats – v.v interesting for you, I’m sure, but very f’in scary for me that I could see a trail of my visit (by virtue of seeing my company’s web address)! I really should be doing something… more productive!

    Will visit again, I’m sure – for the blog itself, not the stats!

  2. Curly K says:

    That report just landed on my desk today – you don’t fancy giving a full blown critical Executive Summary do you????