Should and stop/start indexing blog posts?

Dermod has an interesting post on search engines and Irish Blog aggregators. It seems his posts are found in Google under the IrishBlogs copy/cache of his post and not via his own website. Dermod asks whether blog aggregators should block search engine spiders from looking at blog caches? Leave a comment on his blog.

Edit: Amended title.

3 Responses to “Should and stop/start indexing blog posts?”

  1. Dermod Moore says:

    Hi Damien,

    Thanks for mentioning my post, but I feel it’s important to clear one thing up: is not guilty of indexing posts! It’s only

    BTW, just to make my point – if you go to my post, and see where this page is mentioned, in a Blogger “Backlink” which uses google search – the link is not to your blog, but to

  2. Michele says:

    Of course the simplest solution would be to simply add in a DENY rule into your .htaccess

  3. Dermod Moore says:

    Simplest for whom, Michele?

    And surely, if that were the case, then people who sign up for should have that explained to them, clearly, before they sign up, with instructions on how to add a DENY rule?

    I’m all for informed consent on these things, so I can take or leave the conditions that are offered to me.

    Besides, that would only work for those of us who blog from our own servers and who have access to .htaccess files, and not from those who blog using Blogger servers etc.