Cheaper broadband on the way and other sunday tech stories

From the Business Post: Cheaper low-end broadband and phone deals on the way. BB and free local calls and a dedicated number and free install for €25 a month. Not bad. Might kill off timed products now.

However, it is the imminent launch of an all-in broadband and phone line package for under €25 per month, with no line rental charge, that looks set to be the tipping point for the rest of the industry over the coming months.

The deal, to be offered over the coming weeks by a significant broadband provider, will be widely available and will include free calls to any Irish landline, as well as a broadband connection.

Again from the Post: Weckler talks WiFi and the quite high prices. All you can eat cheap WiFi is needed in Ireland.

And another one from the post:

Patchy broadband service being ironed out

This bit intrigues me:

Despite the heated debate over broadband availability, the good news is that most businesses across the country can receive broadband.

How in all that is holy is 30% of businesses not being able to upgrade to broadband GOOD news? A third not able to get broadband is BAD news. 50% not able to get broadband and therefore now able to telework is BAD news.

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