Mulley in Mac Approval Shocker

Read all about it, read all about it. We were talking about Robert Scoble’s latest worldchanger idea.

5 Responses to “Mulley in Mac Approval Shocker”

  1. Fergal Breen says:

    This all began with steam engines…
    I knew it would come to this.
    I am shocked and disapointed. Who knows where this will all end.
    One bite was all it took from that apple…

    Look at us now. An inter-thing-whatsit, colourful clothing, stylish hair…
    It’s not at all natural yet highly provocative 🙂

  2. EWI says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Referring to Apple as “the enemy” keeps the world spinning. Mr. Mulley.

  3. Damien says:

    From the IM Log:

    [21:16] veryfmercenary: Apple is the competition
    [21:17] veryfmercenary: know thine enemy

    Dells are shite, they should give Macs as they now boot OSX and Windows and linux and Apple could very well steal a lot of windows users to their operating system. Though I bet the windows politics of keeping OEMs happy will not allow that to happen.

  4. Twenty Major says:

    Apples are cool and for cool people unlike Windows which are for plebs and Romanians and stuff.

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