SiliconRepublic does feeds … or maybe not

There’s an RSS button on the front page of SiliconRepublic at the moment but when you click on it you are brought to the Syndication page where it is suggested you email SR so you can syndicate their feed. Uhm, RSS doesn’t work like that. Kind of defeats the automation of it all.

One Response to “SiliconRepublic does feeds … or maybe not”

  1. Dick OBrien says:

    They used to have a feed ( but it hasn’t worked since Feb 21st. The appearance of the button seems to suggest there’s some confusion about syndication in the traditional sense of the word and as it relates to RSS. It looks like someone’s decided to charge for RSS access. At least that’s what I take this to mean: “Our sister company Whitespace will be delighted to offer you services ranging from RSS feeds to customized content for print.”