Ineffective regulation = 14BN loss in Telecoms Investment per year

Via this consultation.: European Telecom’s Lost Investment: An analysis of the ECTA Regualtory Scorecard

Europe is missing up to €14 billion of telecoms investment each year due to ineffective regulatory environments in some countries. In this report we calculate the regualtory elasticity of investment and show how much investment is left on the table.

This new report from Strategy and Policy Consultants Network (SPC Network) entitled “European Telecom’s Lost Investment: An analysis of the ECTA Regulatory Scorecard� examines how ineffective regulation of the telecommunications sector is costing Europe vital investment. The key findings of this analysis are:
1. Effective, pro-competitive regulation is strongly correlated with increased investment: the better the regulation the higher the levels of investment;

2. Improved regulation could increase annual investment in European telecommunications by up to €14 billion;

3. The ECTA Regulatory Scorecard found that Germany and Greece achieved the lowest scores while the UK and Denmark received the highest scores for regulatory effectiveness;

4. Over 60% of the variation in telecommunications investment can be explained by unequal implementation of the European telecoms regulatory framework;

5. For each 10% increase in broadband competition there would be a 5% increase in investment

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