Fluffy links for Tues 28th March 2006

EU sets up online discussion forum where the EU public can give their views. Hugely underused at the moment. Go in and give your views. I’ve linked to the english language forum but there are a good few more forums for other languages.

Unsure what that filetype is? Use this site.

Sussurration – Meaning, “A soft, whispering or rustling sound; a murmur.â€?

Another Youtube et al video downloading service

Mashable – TechCrunch competitor. Competition is good. I have to say though that I’m getting quite bored of all these Web 2.0 launches. I might even unsub from TechCrunch soon.

How with proper regulation you can get broadband for all. France gives an example of how to do it. Ireland is the “how to do it badly” example.

The Guardian immerses fully in Podcasting. Woot. Their Guardian unlimited site made a million quid last year. That’s how to do it the right way. Be open enough and make money. I like the idea of the Guardian people doing a news roundup and trying to predict how things might unfold. Will they have an astrologer on the podcast too?

Newsdesk is our new, daily news podcast, where we round up the big stories of the day and analyse how things are likely to unfold. Presented by Jon Dennis, you’ll find a fresh edition daily at 12 midday

Does Paddy Power take unique bets? Noel Dempsey says his broadband targets are going to be met by end of year. He says 400,000 people will be on broadband by years end. I think not and I’m willing to bet on it. 🙂

Via scoble Boston Legals says what the Democrats and so many more didn’t. Years ago shows like Star Trek challenged and informed the world about important issues. Now a show about lawyers does it. Hooray.

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  1. Tom Raftery says:

    Ohh, I have to say I’m a big fan of Boston Legal – I jut love William Shatner’s Denny Crane and how he and James Spader’s Alan Shore interact with each other and with everyone else!