The legend grows: Aine in the Indo

Aine makes the indo. Well done Aine on making it into one of the best selling papers in the country.

She then began to include herself in the images to mixed reaction.

“People have remarked on my style, or lack of it, if you like. When Pamela Flood of ‘Off The Rails’ was on Podge and Rodge, she said she wasn’t too impressed with my style. “But I don’t wear anything different on the site than I do every day in the streets or at home.

“It’s the way I am. I suppose I just belong to your basic sail-close-to-the-wind school of fashion,” she said.

Her dilemma now is what to wear for her television debut.

Whatever I choose, it won’t be any different than what people are used to seeing me in,” she said.

Congrats for being so genuine Aine. You’ve gone from web, to local print, to radio, to TV to national publication. CNN or Oprah next?

UPDATE: Aine is in page 13 of the Sun too!

9 Responses to “The legend grows: Aine in the Indo”

  1. Fiona says:

    She should really start thanking you for making her famous in the blog o’sphere


  2. that girl says:

    “Congrats for being so genuine Aine” you are some piece of work Mr Mulley…

  3. Fiona says:

    *sitting on my hands to stop myself making the obvious Sun joke*


    bad feminist

  4. that girl says:

    I think you need to change the name of your blog to “the wizard of oz” 😉

  5. that girl says:

    or….”the wizard of odd” – take your pick!

  6. Dick OBrien says:

    Are you responsible for Ainemania? You’re certainly the first person I know of who linked to her site.

  7. Mr T says:

    I think Damien loves her.

  8. auds says:

    I think Damien is getting paid by Aine for promoting her.
    How else would he know about every media appearance (before it happens)?

    It’s all very suspicious.

  9. Damien says:

    Not getting paid. Not even ever chatted to her. If she makes any money from her site I’ll happily take an agents fee though.