Sunday Bits – 26th March 2006

Sunday Times tells Dublin riot investigators to Bring It On. The Times won’t hand over unpublished photos or interviews of the Dublin riots.

But ordinary citizens who witnessed what happened on O’Connell Street are under no legal obligation to assist the gardai with their inquiries. As newspapers, we ask for nothing more than that we are allowed to exercise that right.

In the same paper McDowell talks about the new privacy and defamation laws. Looks like the press council is on the way too. The defamation bill is interesting and from what I’ve heard there’s not going to be anything in it to protect what people say online. I’m sure Bernard from Running With Bulls will be disappointed.

What does your phonenumber spell? Mine was not very entertaining or sensical.

Handy tool for downloading vids from YouTube, Google Video, iFilm and more. Tried this last night and works well.

A computer system made of pens. One pen is a projector, one projects a laser keyboard, one is the processor etc. Really cool idea.

Be more productive every day – The 36 hour day.

Tour details of the Wolves in the Walls. Really want to go and see this musical.

One Response to “Sunday Bits – 26th March 2006”

  1. John says:

    Most ordinary citizens would help out the investigators, though…

    Presumably if the thugs that gave Charlie Bird a kicking had succeeded in killing him, all the media outlets would fall over themselves to help the Gardai catch the perpetrators. But since they only managed to injure him, the papers won’t bother…funny old world…