Music was invented to confirm human loneliness – Sigur ros

The above video is Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros. The video starred the Perlan special-needs theatre group acting out a play about the elements. Bjork is a patron of the group I believe. Unfortunately the video is cut short at the end. One of my favourite Sigur Ros songs. My favourite video is below.

They played this before an Israeli movie at the Dublin Gay and Lesbian film festival a few years back and the crowd laughed afterwards. I thought it beautiful not funny. But there we go. To keep the moral objectors happy the director actually hired a girl to play one of the boys lest they be accused of corrupting kids/teenagers. People should perhaps stop obsessing about the sex and start concentrating about the love. But back to the band, I might just go to Oxyegen to see them play. Don’t give a monkeys about any other band there to be honest.

This is Untitled #1 from their ( ) album.

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