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3rd Annual Nigerian Email Marketing Conference. Shame I missed it. Some good highlights including:

“The hotel was very, very upscale. The running water was a nice touch! – Dr, Collins Mdadiwe

The Scientology Episode Tom Cruise got canceled.

Installing reBlog on your server. This is a very very sweet blog aggregator.

Survey from Canadian version of IRMA counters many of their own claims. Via the brilliant Michael Geist.

Scoble interviews Microsoft lawyer Don McGowan. Very interesting interview and gives a great insight into how Microsoft works. You have to wonder how many wild and genius ideas Microsoft had to ditch because of the worries of litigation. MS has a legal Dept with 800+ staff. Jesus. Don does a fantastic and almost candid interview. It would be good to see more people like Don around the place. He gives very good advice too to anyone that finds they are not working for the good guy at times. Some of Don’s writing.

Dana Boyd paper “G/localization: When Global Information and Local Interaction Collide”

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