Patrick’s Day Pieces

A very clever way of getting that domain that a domain reseller currently owns.

Speaking of which, have a look at the search engine. With a site like this I don’t have to wear glasses on my work computer. Simple idea but I think the search engine that’s uses is shite. I was not number one on google for god’s sake! 🙂

The World’s Bravest Man. No, it isn’t Piaras Kelly but maybe they’re related? 16th cousins or something.

This guy is looking for a billion page views. Another MillionDollarHomepage type idea. Best of luck to him. He needs to post pics of naked chicks or something I’d say.

In the same vein. Unusual business ideas that work. All it is really is knowing how people think and working your ass off. I wonder how much of all of this is having the personality to make people notice you in the crowd without looking like a nutjob?

Triple Award winner Twenty is live blogging from Ron Blacks. Go read.

Holks Alternative Irish Blog Awards. Loving this.

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  1. dace says:


    the guy is a fake

    he stole the idea from