Best blog comment so far about the Blog Awards

Attributed to Frank Neary on the United Irelander blog.


The guy from Rymus said ‘What’s Bob Dylan doing here?’ when he saw you.

8 Responses to “Best blog comment so far about the Blog Awards”

  1. tomcosgrave says:

    Bob Dylan my eye. How about Bono, circa 1980?

    (On the left here,

  2. Kevin says:

    We’ll have nobody comparing me to anything circa 1980, thank you very much. The Bob Dylan thing is more welcome. However, some photos of me from the night are pretty awful – so it’s touch and go!

  3. tomcosgrave says:

    If you’re uncomfortable, it’s because it’s accurate 😉

  4. Kevin says:

    This must be some form of internet bullying!

  5. Frank Neary says:


    I’ve been experiencing some of that recently

  6. ryan says:

    thats the last fecking time I ever say anything to anyone sitting beside me… ever 🙂

  7. Frank Neary says:

    God bless you Ryan for giving me this great break. As you know, I need all the exposure I can get as I haven’t any friends 🙂

  8. Dmitriy says:

    its wery intresting blog. thenks