Sligo Ambassador Aine responds to increase in traffic

Sligo Tourism gal Aine Chambers spotted heself on Podge and Rodge. She stated:

The popular RTE Two Podge & Rodge comedy show co-hosted by the lovely Lucy Kennedy, featured on Monday night’s show.

While I always knew Podge & Rodge were very popular, I was truly amazed at the amount of hits this site received following the Show,
from a daily normal of a few thousand to over 50,000 hits mainly from Ireland and the UK in the first 24hrs. alone! 🙂

The feature generated rare positive and priceless exposure for Sligo on national television. The Podge & Rodge Show is due for repeat on Friday night next at 11.05pm RTE Two.

I’m betting there’s going to be a lot more visitors to sligo this year. Anyone able to do a Google Maps mashup showing where Aine has shot her videos from? Would be a fun project.

3 Responses to “Sligo Ambassador Aine responds to increase in traffic”

  1. John says:

    It’s a pity she isn’t presenting an award on saturday…..

  2. copernicus says:

    Question. Is checking out the google video selection for work safe?!?

  3. Jett Loe says:

    We here at Letter to America are defin. going to Sligo sometime in the comings weeks’ to podcast from one of the beauty spots mentioned by Aine!