and we’re back (kind of)

On Friday I logged into my GoDaddy control panel and changed the dns settings on ten of my domains and on this one too. I did not mean to do this one. I changed them back quickly but as a result the dns settings fell off the Internet and this site is still unavailable to anyone on or IOLBroadband. Fuckity fuck. I’ve done some tweaking on my own computer thanks to advice from Conor and so now I can blog and I have so much to empty out of my brain.

Steven celebrated the first birthday of his blog and threw a question out to his readers about blogging and what would we do if we didn’t blog. I kind of gave a long meandering answer:

Blogging consumes me but if it wasn’t blogging it’d be something else. There’ll always be something else. Many of us have this personality trait and I guess technology has brought us together.

Blogging helps me remove thoughts from my head that would only go stale and start to smell in there. A smell worse than gone-off milk. I blog about these thoughts and ideas and share them with my audience who really I feel are friends. Friends who I sit in a room with the TV on but turned down and eventually gets turned off. It’s a dark winter evening and the temperature is just a little too warm so many of us have flushed cheeks. In this room which is really the Blog O’Sphere we talk about different things and the conversation goes all around the place and moves on. The interesting thing though is that as this happens some in this large group restart or add to previous parts of the conversations and in a very quantum way we chat about new things, present things and old things all at the same time but yet none of us talk over the other. Once those thoughts are out of my head and shared I am happy to move on and allow fresh thoughts to run around the head until it is time again to do the blogging equivalent of the little teapot song and tip my head over and pour the ideas out. So, maybe blogging keeps me sane or less insane?

This is blogging to me. I’m sure I’ll have slumps where I don’t blog but in that time I’m sure my obsessive personality is concentrating on something else.

And with that I have about 6 blog posts to write.

One Response to “and we’re back (kind of)”

  1. Conor says:

    Yes Esat’s DNS servers are pants for updating in any reasonable time.

    In the three years I’ve been with Esat, 99% of the time I’ve been using someone else’s DNS servers.