Of course we’ll allow you march down a rubble filled street

and don’t worry we’re sure the scum of the earth, who are probably already drunk, will not fire things they pick up on the street.

Amazing how we had a field day when the English yobs tore up seats in Landsdowne so many years ago. Welcome to yob nation. Again the Gardai let violence happen first and then come in for a fight. Prevention anyone?

Some Flickr pics.

5 Responses to “Of course we’ll allow you march down a rubble filled street”

  1. Conor says:

    Bet you are glad you weren’t having the blog awards tonight!

  2. copernicus says:

    The people who run this city are incredibly stupid. O’Connell St couldn’t have been in better shape to suit the purposes of the scum. Why wasn’t its condition taken into account when sanctioning the march and its route? The police are rubbish tactically. What is the point of chasing people down a street without blocking the side streets? Crap. Where were they before the whole thing kicked off?

    The comparison with the british fan/dublin scangers riot is an apt one. I was on O’Connell St that day purely by accident and it was a shambles. What happened today is a natural consequence of the endemic complacency of the government. Doubtless, they won’t be taking any responsibility however.

  3. Dave says:

    Who exactly are ‘the police’ copernicus? They are called The Gardai.

    God I wasn’t aware that it was their fault, there was me thinking the rioters were to blame.

  4. copernicus says:

    The police force is called the Garda Síochána – not the Gardaí, as you erroneously state, to wit, the gardaí (note lower case “g”, are members of the Garda) and it polices the State. Its members are police officers and as a body they constitute the police force.

    You might also like to note the term “cops” as well as certain terms to which I personally would not resort such as “filth” or “pigs”.

    I’m hardly alone in pointing to Garda management’s culpability in the severity of Saturday’s events. Pick up a newspaper.

  5. Patrick Slattery says:

    The bravery of the riot squad gardai was exceptional and by holding their lines they may have prevented the destruction of O’Connell Street by arsonists in the crowd.

    The gardai need specialised non-lethal weapons to counter rioters,such as stun guns,water cannon and,as a last resort,rubber bullets.