Blog about wanting some Stormhoek wine and get Hugh’s Attention

I emailed Hugh Macleod this week about Stormhoek providing some bottles of wine for the Blog Awards. Hugh’s probably up the walls and hasn’t got time to tell me piss off but why not try and get his attention by blogging about it? If you would like the opportunity to go home with a free bottle of Stormhoek wine after the blog awards then blog about it. (We’ll be charged corkage if we drink it in the hotel and I think it would be nice to enjoy it at home, nearer to where you make the magic happen on your blog.) So blog saying you’d like some wine. Link to this blog too.

Make sure to link to Hugh’s blog and the Stormhoek blog too and see will it get picked up and noticed by Hugh. This is a way is an experiment in blog power. I’m not going to email Hugh again as I think it impolite but I also want to see will all these blogs get his attention. The pre awards tech event almost fits nicely into his geek dinner idea.

So go on, do that thing you do and some of you do so well. Blog.

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