NGO in a Box – Activism tools

Via World Changing comes details of NGO in a box. NGO in a box concept paper (PDF doc). This is a cd that contains windows based applications that can be used by lobby groups, advocacy groups and NGOs who campaign for various causes. I really like this concept of ready-made applications to aid activist groups. I’m really looking forward to their advocacy cd.

These projects are also linked to the Martus Project which is free software used for recording and storing information concerning the abuse of human rights.

2 Responses to “NGO in a Box – Activism tools”

  1. Roger says:

    Interesting idea. I have an interest in development and have been tinkering with Development Blogs. It’s different doing a subject matter aggregator as opposed to a geographical area one – some blogs do not just cover the one topic. To do it well you’d have to be able to pick out posts from different blogs which is not easy unless your Technorati or Google.

  2. EWI says:

    “NGO in a Box” has had work done on it by the UN office here in Dublin (I know a person involved), the Dutch Government has some connection too I believe.