Redmum – Should we all just refer to her as ‘mum’?

So some people call me Damo as a term of affection. Generally they don’t live long without a throat but anyways… We all seem to shorten or play with someone’s name as a way of being more friendly and creating a special relationship with them compared to the general public. Many do this or start with by calling us by shortened names. So, after reading a comment from redmum I was wondering how to reply to her. Should it be Red or should it be Mum? Imagine being referred to as the Mum of the Irish Blogs? “I was reading Mum today and she was saying…” Yeah I can just see the blog posts now. Hi Mum!

So yes. Random thought of the day. Thank you. That is probably not all.

3 Responses to “Redmum – Should we all just refer to her as ‘mum’?”

  1. Kevin says:

    Can the younger among us call her “mummy”?