Is there a Fortune 500 for Ireland?

Who ranks businesses in Ireland and makes lists like the Fortune 500? Is it the Sunday Times or the Business Post that has a list somewhat like this?

8 Responses to “Is there a Fortune 500 for Ireland?”

  1. Michele says:

    Both the Sunday Business Post and Business Plus provide listings. I can’t remember offhand where they get the data from.

  2. John Collins says:

    Busines and Finance do a Top 500 companies listing every year that has long been considered the definitive one. It’s available to buy in spreadsheet/db format on disk.


  3. As there is only one stock market (ISEQ) – you could look at this list for definitive, Irish-traded companies based on market capitalisation.

    Though as Michele says, BandF do a Top list (it was Top 1000 last year), which would include mulitnationals and any other company trading in Ireland, and making filings with Company’s House.

  4. Rob says:

    I think Top x companies lists may often include private companies, while Fortune 500 is, IIRC, based entirely on publicly-traded companies.

  5. Damien says:

    Thanks Michele, John, Dave, Rob. I’ll see can a pick up a copy of an old paper or magazine.

  6. Damien says:

    Ah, someone pointed me to the Deloitte Fast 50 too.

  7. Damo says:


    Anyone know if top 1,000 companies can be obtained freely rather than at the farily expensive BandF prices?

  8. […] In an earlier post I was asking about there being a Fortune 500 for Ireland and there appears to be but you have to buy the cd of it. The reason I was asking was to do the same as Chris Anderson’s Fortune 500 Business Blog Index. Instead I used the Deloitte Fast 50 list which I thought would have modern enough “cutting edge” companies who may know something about blogging. Well, I was mistaken. At least they all had websites, but none had blogs. It makes you wonder how many in business that are not actually blogging, have heard of blogs? Of those that have business blogs, is it only IT companies? What also struck me about the list is how so very very bad and ugly some of the sites were. All was missing from some of the sites was the old Blink tag or “Best Viewed in Internet Explorer 4″. […]