Send a copy of 1984 to all our TDs?

Via BoingBoing – Newspaper sending all elected reps a copy of 1984. A nice publicity stunt to get attention to the US Govt spying on their people. It’s a cheap enough method of getting the press and the public tuned into issues of Governments abusing the civil and human rights of their constituents.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to do the same here. Have people send in their secondhand copies of 1984 to the likes of Digital Rights Ireland who will then send a book to each of the 166 TDs and 60 Senators in Ireland as a reminder about the Irish and EU Data Retention laws. As well as highlighting the scary data retention law it would encourage people to read a classic piece of literature. No, I don’t think we should send the TDs the cliff notes version of the book itself. Unless we wanted to be exceedingly cheeky.

One Response to “Send a copy of 1984 to all our TDs?”

  1. bayareapolitics says:

    The Tribune will continue collecting copies of 1984 through the end of January… although copies have come in from across the nation, more are needed. Please help! 401 13th St., Oakland CA 94612