Elections and blogging

Progressive Ireland suggests an election super blog which is a pretty nifty idea. I’m sure there’ll be many people that would like to contribute to it. If you plan it right you may even get quite a lot of traffic for unique content.

Myself and Mr. Rants have had many an IM conversation about blogs and the election. From a blog post about it:

myself and Dave were discussing the upcoming Irish General Election and that an unbiased and neutral fact-checking site is needed. Monitor all the hot-air that comes from politicos and see does it match what they said and what they did. This might be a way of reeling in those that may not have had an interest until now to get involved in political debate. Certainly would help make politics more transparent.

I think something like this would be a nice companion piece to the Super Blog idea.

One Response to “Elections and blogging”

  1. Kevin says:

    I talked to PI about it, and the idea I took from it would be that it would be more than a fact-checking machine, but a place where people could contribute points of view, discuss policies and the likes. They could probably go hand in hand I suppose though.