Those UK Marines – Why are we surprised?

Res Publica says it best with Click here for hot, male, naked mud-wrestling! All-male, all-macho, all-nude men! I’m sure that’ll get some interesting visitors via Google soon enough. Sinéad comments on TCaL that it’s all a bit homoerotic.

In fairness they are a group of people who are trained to kill without asking questions. There’s got to be some kind of psychological impact when they train you to become a mindless violent machine. If they can shoot 13 civilians they can do this.

One Response to “Those UK Marines – Why are we surprised?”

  1. Sinéad says:

    It’s bizarre isn’t it?
    The services have always been lauded as a bastion of testosterone and masculinity and here are these guys being gayer than a San Francisco foam party.
    I’d like to know who actually decides on the ceremony and then passes on the plan with a straight (titter) face.
    “Right lads, here’s the deal, let’s all prove how tough, heterosexual and manly we are by getting naked, drinking lots and sweatily wrestling each other”.