Interviewing Bloggers

When the NetVisionarys were looming I was thinking to myself that a few stories in the press about the awards would have been a good way of promoting the event and that interviewing some of the nominees would have at least interested me. As it happened I don’t recall anyone doing this so I thought post-Netvisonary I’d ask some of the nominees who take part in the Irish blogosphere to do a Q+A session with me. I’ve asked 4 Netvisionary nominees so far and all have agreed to do interviews. The first interview will appear on this site tomorrow morning. I’m going to try and get other nominees and others in the tech business to do interviews too.

I hope the Disillusioned Lefties won’t get pissed over this. I don’t think we’ll be interviewing the same people or the on the same topics. Right now I’m mainly lining up business people who blog and I’m staying well away from political stuff. I’ll probably eventually move on to non-blogging people in the ICT field. Hattip to Tom Raftery too for his inspiring podcasts, they helped me come up with interesting questions.

EDIT: Brian Greene has podcasts of the NetVisionary event.

2 Responses to “Interviewing Bloggers”

  1. Brian Greene says:

    small vox pop with two winners John Kennedy (tech journalist) and Barry O’Neill (Mobile Internet Applicatiom)

  2. Kevin says:

    The Disillusioned Lefties are perfectly happy with it. Sure our idea is, in essence, a copy of Normblog’s Friday Blogger Profiles.