Tuesday Linkages and quick comments

Thirsty Work – Wine Book with hip attitude. Jamie Oliver’s wine guy. Wine without the pretention?

Another view about Google Print. This is more in-line with my thinking. Why doesn’t Google make it opt-in and not opt-out? Why don’t they join the Open Content Alliance?

Suzy on same-sex partnership rights. Even Labour are now backing away from supporting equal rights.

Tony Bowden on issues with FOI requests. I’ve done quite a lot, though none in the past while, some orgs are quite helpful and some will interpret the guidelines for their own agendas and refuse to give anything away. One great excuse I heard was that I was not provided with details of how much the statutory instrument payed consultants as this would harm the business of the consultants as their competitors would know how much they were payed and could undercut them the next time. In fucking fairness!

Who would have thought working on a Trawler could be so interesting?

Top Thirty facts about Chuck Norris. Chuck doesn’t sleep, he waits.

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