Bytecasting – Cooking up compilations

Robin comes up with the idea of bytecasting. And I like:


  • Asterix Server
  • Mobile phone
  • An event
  • RSS Feedreader

How to cook: Take a mobile phone user, mix with an event like a conference, phone the asterix server, do a thinly sliced podcast, decorate with newly created tags or ones you’ve prepared earlier and serve to the feedreading public.

In english, what am I on about? Podcasting via mobile phone at an event. Allowing multiple people to send in podcasts that all get wonderfully served out as one podcast as a medley or compilation of views of the event. As a bonus you could subscribe only to specific tags and in doing so skipping the podcast from that eejit who is always negative. So, you can get the podcasts of everyone that went to an event in one big podcast delivered to you, or the podcasts of the people who are just talking about the talk on Web 3.14.

Clever idea and has some interesting uses I’d say.

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