Adsense for Angel Funding, Adsense for Charity

Kevin Burton ups the ante on community angel funding by discussing how supporters of his (like the ones who donated a few quid a few weeks ago) could leverage their website to host AdSense ads that he’d benefit from. That’s fantastically clever and very easy to implement way of making some cash.

I actually didn’t know that you could host your AdSense ads on another site not owned by you. This is quite interesting. It could be quite a good way actually of funding new initiatives in various suburbs of the blogosphere. I’m just thinking that if everyone on the IrishBlogs list or on Planet of the Blogs list added an Adsense ad to their main page, it could help to fund a dedicated programmer to work on a project that would benefit everyone that blogs in Ireland or maybe the ad money could be used to donate money to a group that protects online civil rights.

Then again coming up to Christmas the ads could be used for the secret santa project or given to a worthy childrens charity.

2 Responses to “Adsense for Angel Funding, Adsense for Charity”

  1. Roger says:

    Interesting idea. Could also work well for an organisation like Concern. But you probably can’t say something like “click on the ad below to help Concern”. I think Google’s adsense program only allows somthing along the lines of “Sponsors” or “Advertisements”, so the user will not know it’s for Concern.

    You could probably put a note somewhere that all contributions to your blog go to Concern – although even at that the Google guys could probably object if they wanted. I must talk to someone in Concern, get them to set up an account. There’s no real downside.


  2. Em, to my knowledge….

    You are responsible for every site the ads get placed on. And hence if you give the code to others (even though they can read it from your source) then if they implement it against t&c you get the flack, and will be asked to remove it, which you can’t do as you’ve no access.

    Interesting idea:
    Will there be competitors pissing each other off by setting up clickfraud framing? Or slappign ad code all over the place in very dodgy placements etc..? to get the company excluded from the adwords programme.