Web based aggregator – Suggestions

Right, I want to stick up a web based aggregator on one of my domains for aggregating sites with a certain theme. I’ve seen a few different aggregators around the place but what I ideally want is something that looks as simple Planet of the Blogs but won’t kill my server at the same time. It needs to be simple to install as I’m no longer the tech god I once wished I could be. To start with it will only be polling 20 or so blogs.

8 Responses to “Web based aggregator – Suggestions”

  1. slayer says:

    testing testing testing

  2. simon says:

    Is this the newsroom.ie site.

  3. Damien says:

    Nope. Another project.

  4. Sinéad says:

    Are we allowed to ask what the theme is?

  5. Roger says:

    Hi Damien,

    We were using “planet planet” which is written in python. The rss parser in it kept falling over (even with the latest version which wasn’t easy to find). We’re now using Feed WordPress which is running fantastically so far. When we originally setup irishblogs.ie FeedWordPress wasn’t as good as it is now. We are putting in a fair few modifications and cleaning up a few minor glitches, but they’re easy enough to do with WordPress and PHP.

    Your server should be able to handle it no bother if there’s only 20 or so blogs. We found it runs more efficiently than planet planet. It also has a nice feature where it rotates the blogs it aggregates over shorter time periods so the aggregator is fed new posts more regularly.

    The beauty of it is that you have the ability to mange users, posts and categories out of the box. You’ll have your site looking as “good” as ours in no time. (Almost sounds like an ad for it).


  6. Michele says:

    Roger’s suggestion is probably the sanest way to do it. Planet planet is lovely, but breaks easily 🙂
    The one I’m using on irishblogs.info is nice, but it was a bit tricky to install (or maybe I needed more coffee?)

  7. ryan says:

    Another Feed WordPress user here.. works very well once you get it up & running.

  8. Justin says:

    You don’t mention what langauges versions you can use. PHPplanet requires php5 AFAIK