Magnet debuts 24MB broadband – For €240 a month

SiliconRepublic reports on Magnet are releasing a 24mbps broadband product. This is the power of LLU. €240 a month isn’t something the general consumer but I know people that are paying a fortune for 4mbps adsl so this in comparison is far better value for money. Terrible shame it’s capped though.

EDIT: Just got their press release:

Full product list:

24MB service – €240.00 incl VAT (250GB download cap)

10MB service – €149.00 incl VAT (150GB download cap)

4MB service – €63.99 incl VAT (100GB download cap)

2MB service – €39.99 incl VAT (25GB download cap)

The 4mbps business product from eircom is €169 [b]ex vat[/b], so Magnet are at least 1/3 of the eircom price for eircom’s top business package. Some people may have issues with caps on such an expensive service though.

4 Responses to “Magnet debuts 24MB broadband – For €240 a month”

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  2. justin says:

    Slightly OT, but I think you might be the guy to ask.

    Has anyone in public life even suggested Muni Wifi in Dublin? Has anyone done a study on the cost, benefits, issues or otherwise? If not, why not?

    Thanks Justin

  3. TimTim says:

    Yeah but its still eircom’s copper they are using. And we all know the state some of it is in. ADSL2+ or no ADSL2+ very few people will hit the full 24Mb

  4. Damien says:

    Justin, I think I heard of someone that wanted to do this in Dublin. Some party hack for a local council maybe. I know someone approached us recently too about endorsing some college business idea that would give free WiFi to people.