More on this Irish Community Supersite

Irish Bloggers take note. This is an interesting idea. Go to John’s site and comment on this or blog about it. I think this is something as a collective that we can do.

Taking some of the points that John Timmons mentioned on his post about the Irish Community Super Portal and adding my thoughts on each of his bullet points:

A blogroll that contained every Irish blogger
This would need the input of the people of IrishBlogs and Planet of the Blogs

I’d also suggest having this broken into blog categories. Everything, Tech, Politics, Arts and Literature, Humour, Music, Odd

Updated new posts from every forum you are subscribed to.
This would mean the cooperation of the people behind, and other sites like Peoples Republic of Cork

I’d also add the ability to have a feed which you can create a super feed of perhaps the Humour Section of mixed with and PROC or someting like that. A PubSub type hack.

Latest news from Irish news sites
RSS feeds from the sites should sort this out. Perhaps the webmasters behind those without feeds could be persuaded to create them?

Search bar for Irish sites
JMCC should step up for that. A search engine for Irish sites / Irish Content that would display results of sites and blogs together, but would at the same time via a non-intrusive colour scheme highlight which was a site and which was a blog. Each result would also allow you to subscribe to the rss feed of the site and also allow you to have an RSS feed of the search results.

Customizable RSS feeds from Irish sites
Job sites could be included here and sites with specific content. A recommendations section for various channels or topics of Irish interest. Non-blog Feeds (blog feeds are above) such as:

Arts and Literature Feed
Photography Feed
Technology Feed
Tech Jobs Feed
Engineering Jobs Feed
Cork News Feed
Upcoming Cork events Feed

I’d add in a few more ideas to this:

Blog Statistics
Perhaps have Aodhan Cullen from Statcounter help work on a stats engine for the Irish Bloggersphere? Number of posts per day from the ‘sphere. Number of blogs, most prolific poster, number of page views per blog etc. An Irish Technorati

Ability to Group Tag Blogs and Posts
Possibly via a delicious interface, allow those to add tags to posts and to blogs, so that over time the people can vote for the category of the blog. It would be damned handy too if people could tag Irish forum posts.

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