I miss the burps from burgers

It’ll be 6 weeks on Sunday since I had any meat or fish. If anyone knows me they’ll know I challenge myself now and then, such as when I gave up alcohol for a year (Oct 2003 – Oct 2004). It’s not a new idea you know. :)I wanted to see how long I lasted without any meat or fish or flesh and so far it has been easy enough. Except when it comes to eating. I don’t use the word hate much, I feel the word is too powerful for regular use, but jesus christ I’m almost hating pasta and pasta based dishes now.

Irish Mammys know how to cook when it involves roasting some meat from an animal in the oven and throwing veg around it. Try asking to make a meat free dish. Want spuds with that mash?

My body I thought might change but it hasn’t. I started taking the super-power vitamins in case my iron levels go down. Don’t think they have.

When do I go back eating meat again? I’m not sure. Do I miss it? Yeah, hell yeah, it’s so easy to eat with meat. And I really miss the burps from eating burgers.

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