Digital Rights Ireland – Teaser trailer

SiliconRepublic today did a profile of Digital Rights Ireland. Digital Rights Ireland is the result of a few people looking for an Irish EFF.

Exciting times are ahead.


  • Name will be Digital Rights Ireland.
  • Organisation will promote, defend, educate and campaign on civil liberties in a digital age.
  • Non-profit company being set-up and articles of Association etc currently being registered with Companies Office.
  • Founding members combine legal, technological and public advocacy expertise.
  • Statement of intent to be issued at TechCamp but will launch at subsequent date.
  • Web site under construction.
  • International aspect: will link with groups like Edri and Privacy International.

The Directors of this organisation are: Bernie Goldbach, Colm MacCarthaigh, Damien Mulley, Antoin O Lachtnain and TJ McIntyre – Chairman.

If you are interested in helping out or want to keep informed on what DRI are doing then subscribe to the mailing list here:

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