Irish Blog (and Podcast) Awards 2005

Further Edit 10-10-05: Add Podcasts to these awards too? Some people say yes.
(another edit: New thread on it.

The Irish Bloggersphere in my opinion is now maturing a bit and becoming a real community. Certainly the addition of and Planet of The Blogs to the web has made an immense difference to the Irishbloggersphere. Hell even my boggerspere neoligism made it into the Tribune. Maybe it’s time for the Irish Blog Awards?

But this idea isn’t unique. Seems that bastion of balance – the Freedom Institute came up with their very own Irish Blogs Award 2005, way back in urm February. Not sure how the voting system worked. They officially called it the “Liberty Blog Awards for 2005” though, so maybe if another Irish Blogs Awards happened they wouldn’t mind too much? And if they did it would only generate more attention for these awards. Even better.

So, to me it’s obvious that Slugger O’Toole will wipe the boards when it comes to any awards involving Ireland and blogging. When it comes to humour, well then Twenty Major will kick ass. (BTW he comes in the top 10 in Google for just the word “twemty”.) He doesn’t even need a special “Best use of ‘Cunt’ ” in a post. Though (NSFW Link) Mr Bing’s Blog entry tonight might.

But even if Slugger and Twenty clean up, it would be good for the citizens of the blogger/boggersphere to nominate bloggerss and posts and have them line up shoulder to shoulder and be recognized as the cream of the crop. Not entirely sure what the categories should be though. How about?

  • Best Blogger
  • Best Blog Post
  • Best New Blogger
  • Best Contribution to the Boggersphere (Tech wise)
  • Best Potential Blogger i.e. Someone we’d like to see blogging

Now since comments are fucked on this blog, if you want to comment you’re going to have to post about it on your own blog. Oh and if you do that it means more people will read about the idea. That can only be a good thing.

UPDATE 09 Oct 2005:

Richard from FI emailed me to let me know that there wouldn’t be an issue with using the name Irish Blogs Awards. So there we have it. And now he’s blogged about it too!

Kevin over on Disillusioned Lefty liked the idea and Mr. Free Stater likes it too. Progressive Ireland also endorses this.

Further Update: Should we also include Podcasts?

One Response to “Irish Blog (and Podcast) Awards 2005”

  1. Hey Damien,
    have a look at our Video PodCast, its the first Irish video Podcast, go into the iTunes Music Store and do a search for ‘goeat’ or we could still be in the top 20, we were the last time i checked. Let us know what you think.