Why can’t I search my video store from home?

It is no longer rocketscience to tie a database into a webserver. Why can I not look up what movies are in Chartbusters or Xtravision? (I’d link to the websites but they are of no value in my view and do not deserve a link. )

But yeah. A live database and with rss feeds for searches. Allow me to store links to my favourite movies too while you’re at it. Allow me to see what other movie snobs like.

But, a bit of reality check. You’re gone anyway lads. Video on demand has been vapourware for years but it is almost here now. Time to start aligning yourselves with the broadband companies and the movie distributors. Now in fairness, the movie companies will gladly knife you to bits to get a bigger share, so what you need to do is build up a much larger clientele and find out their movie tastes NOW and use that as leverage to be the middleman when the time comes.

You also need to be that clichéd movie facist in the video store that knows everything about movies but without the fucking attitude. You need to be the friendly guy. You need to know what the customer likes, no actually, not just a customer but what your buddy the customer likes and so you can say:
“Damien doooood, you’ll like this one. ”
“Well I dunno VideoStoreGuy.”
“Tell you what, take it, g’wan, no charge, if you don’t like it, fine. I’m thinking you will and if you do there are 5 other movies by that director and I know you’ll rent them.”

It’s a cluetrain moment. Conversation. That’s the nugget there people.


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