I should really just let Marc Canter write this

Found lots of good stuff on Marc Canter’s blog:

First up is NetVibes. Another one of these start pages. A Digital Lifestyle Aggregator Marc calls it. I suppose it would be like moving your taskbar online. The RSS reader is meant to be fantastic with NetVibes. Protopage is another thing like this. A start page with all your fav online activities all glued together. Start.com is another though I doubt it’ll allow you to use Google as the default search engine.

As APIs become the norm for every web app, these Start pages are going to become a lot more powerful. Doesn’t Google have a deal with Firefox for access to their start page? Be nice of the firefox start page had all this kind of stuff. Speaking of APIs LastFM and Audioscrobbler now have APIs. More to add to the start page.

Moving on comes the fact that the IMDB is doing tags. Sweet. I’m sure the genuises will start to play with this more too.

Datablogging. Ok, I’m not getting this. How is this a blog? This to me is just data entry. This is information that is not shared or viewable and is used soley for sales. Is this just not a CRM system with feeds?

Fantastic presentation at OSCON2005. Very interesting stuff about Identity but even if you’re not interested in this, the presentation style is quite captivating.


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