Google be my message centre

Google Google Google Google. I spend an awful lot of time talking Google. However, I feel of all the companies out there, they’re the ones who can do the best job at various things.

Google Desktop is helping everyone find what they want on their desktop, and GMail is helping organise people’s email. What about text messages and phone messages? Wouldn’t it be handy if Google did a tie-in with the main mobile companies out there so that every txt message to and from my mobile would be stored in a special section of my GMail? Tie that too into online txt messaging services and one could suddenly have a massive amount of additional information to organise. Hell, I wonder could they also integrate with live billing so you have a record of who you called and who called you?

Come to think of it, why is Google Talk not storing your conversations in a section of GMail? Would make sense no? Take it off the desktop.

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