Google Blog Search – Unimpressive to say the least

Google Blog Search is out. Remind me again how long ago they bought Blogger? Google has turned into that Battleship they should never have been. Does it really take this long to build a blog search engine? Everyone else is way before them on this, when they actually had the chance to be first on the market.

Besides it should be called Google RSS Search, not Blog Search. I get Irish Examiner RSS feeds in the results. They don’t do blogs. I’ve also noticed a few spam blogs in the first few results for certain searches. Some are blatantly obvious too. Perhaps there should be a “Flag This” next to the result or would that allow some jealous people to try and rig results?

When I typed in a search for my own name I had assumed I’d get results back with people mentioning me on their blogs, as I do with pub sub and IceRocket and so on. Nope. It returned back all the posts on this site. That’s shite. Hardly any of those blog entries mention my name in them, it’s just the name of my site. Rejig the algorithms Google. This is a monumental let-down.

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