Eddie Hobbs Vs His Detractors – Late Late Show

Eddie goes head to head with the lobbyists or lobbyist backed FF politicos on the Late Late on Friday night. Should be very entertaining. Eddie has had exclusive interviews with all the papers. I love their definition of what exclusive is. We exclusively talked to him one on one for 10 seconds!

I noticed RGDATA have taken out big ads in the paper to say why the Competition Authority are wrong. Shame on them for doing a “won’t someone think of the children” propoganda style ad by asking us to think about the poor people and the charities who provide for them. Some charities have said killing the Groceries order will increase costs of goods for poor people. I wonder who convinced them of that?

Hobbs again today is all over the papers. Why is it every picture of him has him half scowling and his arms tightly folded? More commentary on Eddie: P45 Rant on Eddie Hobbs, Boards.ie thread on Eddie Hobbs, Bernie creates a list of what Eddie Hobbs wants.

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