Who couldn’t give a Damn about New Orleans – America

Bush certainly doesn’t give a goddamn. His whole administration couldn’t. 2000 murdered in New York, they plunge America into massive debt by invading 2 countries to sort out some DurkaDurkak terrorists. 10,000 black people die in New Orleans and nothing. Jokes with a known racist about sitting on the porch of his rebuilt holiday home.

This BBC reporter’s quote says it all:

The truth was simple and apparent to all. If journalists were there with cameras beaming the suffering live across America, where were the officers and troops?

I’m glad to see the American people outraged about this, but you voted this administration in, twice! Have you finally realised that he only cares for you if you are obscenely rich and white? Only 3 more years of this blundering fool. God save you all.

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