Loving Hugh is easy cos…

Today seems to be a Hugh Macleod love-in on this blog, as for the second post in a row I link to him.

Today Hugh suggests Find the coolest blog in the industry you’re in, and see if you can’t make a deal with the owner.

In the comments I remix what he says and suggest that those who are heavyweight bloggers pick some small unknown blogger and advertise them. Better still the big bloggers should let their readers suggest the blogger to advertise.

Same goes for other “A-Listers”, if they all picked someone small and had a free ad for them in a prominent location for two months it would grow the other site and grow the overall community. We all want more quality in this place.

Now, I do realise that a blogroll is doing the same thing to a degree but if you are an avid blog reader like me a link in the middle of 110 others is not going to do much. I think the ad should be more prominent than that.

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