Comments, Movable Type and WordPress

Begin backpatting of a sort: So Tom Raftery puts me in the same league as Jonathan Schwartz and Seth Godin and some chap that runs an airplane company that makes “Jumbos”, whatever the hell they are. Thank you Tom, I’m honoured in a way.

My reasons for no comments are all to do with me being lazy and technically ignorant. I was getting hammered on a daily basis with comment and trackback spam. I implemented MT Blacklist but I found even with manually updating it daily, the spammers were outgunning the Blacklist updates.

So, my short-term solution was to block all comments and trackbacks and the long-term solution was to make a switch to a better solution, such as wordpress. Unfortunately I need to educate myself on how to move from MT to WordPress. Now, maybe it’s handy for me that this site is hosted with Blacknight and that Michele is such a WordPress proponent. Perhaps he will in the goodness of his heart offer to do the conversion for me, once I have all of this backed up. *flutters eyelids at Mr. Neylon*

You know, there may be some business for someone that goes around like a Blog handyman and fixes up peoples blogs and helps them to move to a different blogging platform. I’d be happy to give someone a few quid to do it for me.

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