Friday Fishy bits

A Few Good men “You can’t handle the truth” redone using the Half Life engine. Original audio still there and as dramatic as ever.

Space Invaders Crop Circle. Got via Tom Coates

Mirror Mask to be shown at Edinburgh Film Festival Aug 19th and 27th apparently.

World ‘s Largest Phone companies. China kicking the ass of everyone else. That’s where the money is, you’ve just been shown, so away with ya, g’wan!

Vermont goes for 100% Broadband availability by 2010. 5 years behind the UK and Northern Ireland and probably a few years ahead of Ireland. Cynical, moi? Yes.

Eu Consultation on bridging the digital divide. Everyone that cannot get broadband or has a mother, father, granny that cannot get broadband should reply to this consultation. 2 lines or 2000 lines can be submitted.

David Isenberg rips into the FCC for playing with broadband figures. Different country, same tricks.

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